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    Default Magnus Reacts To Fans Saying TNA Will Go Out Of Business

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    agnus appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio, hosted by Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca (Busted Open Radio airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sirius 94 and XM 208), where he discussed a number of TNA-related topics. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

    M "People think because that they watch a few DVDís that document one part of history and how the business went and they are able to predict whatís going to happen in a completely new set of circumstance and I tend to ignore it and I donít really give it much thought. These are basically the people that throw something out there with no filter because they are nobodies and Iím not trying to knock anyone. Itís easy to say when you have nothing to lose and to throw out an opinion in the hope that it actually happens and then you can say: 'See, I was right. I told you.' For some reason now we live in an age now where all wrestling fans think are obsessed with showing on how much knowledge they have and its either you're just a fan or youíre in the business.

    "Your knowledge is kind of irrelevant unless you are in the industry or unless you are making a living off of our sweat or talking about and Iím one of those people too, I have a column in a wrestling magazine that I get paid to do but the only difference is that I get paid to do it because people read that magazine because they want to hear somethingís on the ground that makes for a nice change. I use Twitter as a promotional tool and somewhat as a barometer, itís like an instant focus group and I think if you take it anymore serious, then you are probably wasting your own time and I tell my fellow peers the same thing especially the younger guys who donít have as much experience for their age and are bothered and affected by this kind of stuff on Twitter and I said look: 'This is what Twitter is. In terms to your significance, your life, your career and your psyche, donít take it seriously then you should do, which is not very much at all.'"

    On giving an inside look at TNA: "Honestly, I am not qualified to answer that. Iím not trying to dodge the question, I promise you. Iím not really qualified to speak on physical matters or anything like that as far as the company is concerned. I will say this that any wrestling fan who claims to be a wrestling fan should get off this bandwagon of: 'Letís all talk about the state of TNAís business.' Anyone would tell you that and Iím talking about people on Wall Street, people in any industry, particularly the entertainment industry where the reputation of image is very important, that sometimes all you need is the rumor even if there is no validity to it and then the rumor can actually become a possibility. It boggles my mind there are people out there that you read their bio or they will tell you: 'I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling man. I love it' but then they are the ones that say: 'TNA is going to go out of business and yada, yada, yada.'

    "Do you want that to happen? Do you want to have less wrestling on TV? Do you want all of these performers that you admire have to go find work somewhere else? I donít understand that. That to me has always been a strange thing and the irony of it is that these are the people that claim to be the most dedicated wrestling fans and the one who are not paying for the Pay-Per-Views, they are illegally downloading them and they are busy knocking everything at every opportunity and becoming armchair writers or armchair quarterbacks as the saying goes. You are harming the business more then you are aiding it and I donít understand why would do that if you claim to love it so much. Itís not me trying to say: 'Oh please, stop expressing you opinion.' But if you are being overwhelming negative all the time then you should focus it somewhere else and focus it on yourself."

    On focusing to be better: "Normally, itís studying tapes. Sometimes things happen organically based on the right opponent and suddenly and Iíve borrowed more than a couple things from Japan and the trips that I had over there over the last year have been very beneficial in that respect and being so close to (Samoa)Joe and A.J. (Styles) and learning from guys like that and also, itís funny because you do something once because it just happens to fit in that particular match and then sometimes the reaction is so strong or somebody that you trust like A.J. or Kurt or Joe, who really knows there stuff, will say: 'Hey, thatís a keeper.' Pretty much my entire move set as we like to call it, is stuff that I have done somewhere along the line and when I comeback either Kurt, Joe or A.J. have said: 'Thatís a keeper' and no more has to be said about that. Iíll keep doing that and once you do that, you are good from there.

    "Once you get your foundation, you can play around with variations and let it happen very organically and itís up to me to make it happen. People didnít see me from day one and say: 'This is his future.' It was based off of my work with Samoa Joe in 2012 and I stepped up and itís funny because one you start getting labeled, thatís when you get a lot of pushback and it bears repeating, the only reason why the conversation is happening is because of what Iíve done. The pressure is fine, I can handle that but itís up to me to make it happen and to take that step and make it mean something."



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