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    Default Lots More Talents Tweet On Olympic Wrestling & More

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    Here are Twitter reactions from several WWE stars about the IOC's decision to cut wrestling from the Olympics:

    Big E. Langston: The IOC's decision to drop wrestling in 2020 is baffling. I learned life lessons on the mat that I'll never forget. #SaveOlympicWrestling

    Ricardo Rodriguez: So the Olympics are dropping Wrestling? One of the original sports? Como que what?! 'stan locos!

    I wrestled when I was in school and hoped to one day make it to the Olympics. It's such a shame they have taken an original sport out! B.S.!

    Alberto Del Rio: WHAT!!!!! ARE THEY Pinche CRAZY!!!!! Wrestling out of the Olympic Games #whatastupidmove

    "Wrestling is been part of the Olympic Games since the beginning. It's a beautiful sport! But I guess shooting a gun or forcing a horse to Jump over hedges is more of a sport than wrestling to the committee. This is not right!

    Ok for those I***** from the IOC this is not a sport

    But this one is????? U have to be kidding me #SaveOlympicWrestling

    Tyson Kidd: Can't understand the thought process when making a decision like taking wrestling out of the Olympics

    Cody Rhodes: #SaveOlympicWrestling or lets continue teaching our kids 4th place is something to be proud of.

    William Regal: The Olympic committee should hang their heads in shame.Wrestling is the original Olympic sport.

    Jack Swagger: We cannot let this happen. Important! everyone go sign this petition to keep wrestling in the olympics

    Drew McIntyre: Hell of a booker handling Olympic wrestling situation. Drop and get heat on oldest sport, people rally behind it, big babyface comeback #101

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    Putting Wrestling out of the Olympics is stupid. Wrestling is a traditional sport.

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    Dont get that. Why they taking one of the first sports out
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    I already posted that .

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    for the info

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