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    Default Lots of Heat on Rey Mysterio, Jim Neidhart Update, Ref Botch on Raw

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    For those who watched Monday Night Raw last night, you may have noticed the awkward finish to the Big Show/Chris Jericho match that ended with a count-out. Chris Jericho was actually supposed to win the match by one second, but the referee botched the count. This could be partly blamed on WWE's policy that they've been doing over the past few years of not telling the referee who is supposed to win the match. The referees are told to be legit and to officiate the matches as legit referees, thus the referee probably didn't know that Jericho was supposed to win.
    Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, who was arrested a few months back, had a hearing a few weeks ago and will be going to the Tampa Salvation Army rehab center. He is still currently in jail but will go to rehab as soon as they have room for him.
    There is said to be a lot of heat from WWE management directed at Rey Mysterio right now. Rey was recently suspended for violating WWE's drug policy, and the gossip is that he's being paid enough money to rest and relax at home that he shouldn't have had to take any banned substances. It's also rumored that Kevin Nash's mysterious Tweet from a few days ago about WWE releasing a good friend of his might be about Mysterio, but as of last word WWE has NOT fired Mysterio and he is just serving a 60-day suspension.



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