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    Default Lots of Extreme Reunion News: New Brand Name, Surprises, More...

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    It was reported the other day that Extreme Reunion will eventually be renaming to an actual wrestling name such as WWE and TNA. As of last word, the plan is for Extreme Reunion to be named "FGW: Five Guys Wrestling", because of the five guys who are running it: "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, Cody Michaels, Kevin Kleinrock, and Steve and Michael O'Neill.
    Also, more matches are expected to take place this weekend than what is currently being advertised. Expect to see up to five additional matches take place.
    They are also working on having surprises with former ECW, WCW, and WWE stars.
    Rhino, Danny Doring, and Wolfie D will not be appearing this weekend.
    Tommy Dreamer is booked for another wrestling event this weekend, so it's still somewhat up in the air as to whether or not he'll make the Extreme Reunion show this weekend.



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