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    Default A Live Report From Last Night's WWE RAW Telecast

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    The area was full from what I could see (I was in the box suite on the hard camera side, so I couldn't see above me). When Smackdown was in SJ in October, the top deck was blocked off, this time it was open and full.

    Two of the police officers were local wrestlers from All Pro Wrestling. The officer who spoke about his wife and kid was Dave Dutra, and one in the middle was APW Champion JR Kratos. I didn't recognize the third guy.

    Lots of support for the 49ers with signs and chants everywhere.

    They are trying really hard to get Alberto Del Rio over as a baby face. He did a promo for I believe the WWE App where he said that Big Show would go down just like the Ravens will go down to the Niners, then said 'Who's got it better than us? Nobody" which is the Niners slogan. It can be found on the WWE website (and of course, the WWE App) if you want to check it out. They didn't have the crowd mic'd into it on the WWE website, but it got the biggest pop of the night, even bigger than the Rock.

    After The Rock got taken down by the Shield, he said 'You got me this time. But I promise you I will be WWE Champion."

    The dark match after air was John Cena and Sheamus beat Big Show and Wade Barrett. Cena getting the pin on Big Show. Then Del Rio fought Show off and ended the night giving everyone high fives.

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