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    Default Lesser-Known Stars Who Will Be Worth Watching at Mega PPV

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    Groves of people will show up to watch The Rock and John Cena...again.

    Many will tune in to see if CM Punk ends the Undertaker's streak, but I have my eye on a few other Superstars and Divas set to perform at WrestleMania 29.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the featured matches as well, but the massive card has the potential to create excitement throughout the event.

    Beyond the A-listers (and no, I'm not talking about David Otunga) here's who I think is worth watching on April 7.

    The Funkadactyls


    I was just as irritated as the next fan when Fandango kept delaying his in-ring debut, but obviously that's how I'm supposed to feel about the ballroom-dancing heel.

    WWE's creative team has set him up for some serious heat, and now he is being thrust on the grandest stage in the business to show his wrestling chops.

    The good thing for him is that he'll be in the ring with a pro like Chris Jericho. Y2J is great at telling a story with in-ring physical theatrics and he sells his opponents' moves well.

    Fandango showed a glimpse of his athleticism on Smackdown when he attacked Jericho during and after his match with Jack Swagger.

    Big E Langston



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