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    Default Layla Labeled As A "Pain in the Ass" Backstage

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    Is Layla a nuisance backstage? According to former WWE and WCW talent Konnan, she is.

    Konnan was sent a photoshopped image of Layla and Summer Rae with former WCW Superstar Disco Inferno (his online radio show co-host) on Twitter, and responded, "The young witch and the pain in the ass..#BOOM."

    Konnan reiterated to another Twitter user that Layla "is the pain in the ass."

    "Just ask around especially the trainers," he added.

    A Twitter user wrote, "You buried Layla.. WOW!!! #BOOM," and Konnan responded, "In not hatin, just statin."

    The same Twitter user asked Konnan, "So is she a backstage politician, or she's stuck up?" Konnan said he'll go into detail on Layla's reputation within WWE on his online radio show.



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