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    Default Kurt Angle Blows Up at TNA Creative Overseas

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    Kurt Angle was scheduled to undergo knee surgery in late January but the surgery was pushed back so Angle wouldn't miss the TNA Uk tour because Jeff Hardy couldn't go and Sting had left the company.

    During the tapings in Glasgow, Scotland this past week, an angle was shot where Angle was beat down with steel chairs, which appeared to be where he was written out of the storylines. The next day in Manchester, Angle was told by TNA creative writers that he was scheduled to run-in during a segment. Angle flipped out because he had already been written out of the storylines and because he was working despite doctor's orders not to. John Gaburick was said to have been on the wrong end of Angle's rant and in the end, Angle did not work that taping in Manchester.

    Angle did his Hall of Fame induction the next day in London and got into it with Ethan Carter III, leading to a Lockdown match between the two, as we have noted before. It appears TNA is expecting Angle to gut through the Lockdown pay-per-view without having surgery.

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    Bs. If Angle needs a surgery than he has too. Don`t care if some of the others top stars are already out, you can`t ask Angle too perform with that kind of surgery. Performing can only make things worse.

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    It's not like he needs TNA, if the company is being an ass **** them, stop whining



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