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    Default Kofi Kingston Speaks Out - Attitude Era, Current Stars

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    Kofi Kingston was recently interviewed by Here are the highlights…

    On whether or not he misses the Attitude Era and if some of that could be worked into today's product: "I think what we have now is it's own thing. Even before the Attitude Era, you had a lot of character based '80s wrestling. Wrestling goes in different time periods. I think if we were still doing the stuff that we were doing back then it probably wouldn't be as interesting. You can only see so much of the same stuff ... so much. I think you have to constantly be evolving and that is what has kept us on TV for so long. We just always have to keep finding different ways to entertain fans."

    On whether or not current WWE superstars are as hungry as the guys during the Attitude Era: "I wouldn't say that at all. I think in a lot of ways it's a lot harder now. Back then, you could go to WCW. What made the Attitude Era so great was competition. You had WWE trying to be better than WCW and vice versa to the point. If you thought about someone jumping from one to another it was a huge move. It was a rivalry. Now all you have is WWE really. There really is no other competition. So for people trying to break into the industry, this is the only place you can go. There's only so many spots and there's only so many spots in developmental. It's a lot less than what is was before. it might have been different back then but in a lot of ways it's definitely harder to break through and get noticed.

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