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    Default Kharma Tweets, Big Update on Alex Riley's Status

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    In response to being asked numerous times if Kharma has been released by WWE, the former Diva posted the following on her Twitter:

    "yes, I was. It doesn't mean I'll never be back."

    The latest word on Alex Riley is that one of the reasons why WWE has killed his push is because of some kind of a backstage incident involving John Cena. In a classic case of pro wrestling hierarchy, Cena was apparently pulling some sort of rib (hazing, making young guys pay their dues) on Riley, which Riley didn't take too kindly to. Cena, being the veteran, was seen as being justified in his actions, whereas Riley, the young rookie, was seen as going against the tradition of the business.

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    What Kharma not coming??
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    Quote Originally Posted by • ѕнαιℓ • View Post
    What Kharma not coming??
    Yeah, The WWE put her on the Alumni section and i guess they released her because she still traumatized of her unborn child and they thought she should a break from wrestling so that she can get her acts together so that at the end she will be ready to wrestle again.

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