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    Default Kharma Ready to Make a Return to World Wrestling Entertainment?

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    Kharma recently appeared on the Future Endeavors podcast and talked about a WWE return.

    She said she is ready to make a WWE return and believes "all parties" are in "gorilla", meaning a return to WWE could be happening soon. Kharma encouraged fans to keep bringing Kharma fan signs and writing to WWE because unlike TNA, WWE listens to their fans.

    Regarding the new, slimmer look that she recently debuted, Kharma said she's working on re-inventing herself. She's looking to drop a bit more weight and have more definition in her physique. She has been using DDP Yoga to drop weight.

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    If she returns, I'll be happy. I'll actually watch the Divas matches, only her matches of course.

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    Hell yea!



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