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    Default Kevin Nash's Son Has Fun on His Father's Twitter Account

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    Kevin Nash appears to have resumed his feud with CM Punk on Twitter, with even throwing out a challenge to the former WWE Champion. However that was not the case, as his son was on his account. Here are a few tweets he fired off last night posing as his father.

    "Once and for all never going to work at TNA, might have one powerbomb for the 155 lb. C.M. Punk"

    "@CMPunk Willing to put up 100,00$."

    "@CMPunk Ging my old ass knees walking into the bank.N ot durable Punk walking 90% of the time with a heat pack on his back."

    "@CMPunk I'll put up 100k you do the same winner takes all. I'll follow you DM me your number. 5% minute rounds. Drug free eeeeeasy."

    When a Twitter follower told Nash that wrestling is fake, Nash replied, "@CMPunk Half the marks are not. Let a Detroit street hustler,hustle."

    Another follower told Punk to make Nash "Go To Sleep," Nash replied, "Make me watch his matches."

    "@CMPunk Punk is a great worker and I could have a great match if he is willing to carry me. Shoot I'll take the Detroit prick."

    Kevin Nash's son finally revealed that he was behind the tweets:

    Kevin Nash ‏@RealKevinNash6hwork web sites you reporting my tweets shows how low you are on the food change .My dad left for dubai 6 hours ago.You marks

    I guess he had nothing better to do with his life.

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    Lol. He was probably wasted.



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