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    Default Kevin Nash Believes Triple H Will Change WWE

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    Kevin Nash made the following comments to Busted Open Radio regarding how he believes his friend, Triple H will change WWE when he is in full control of the product:

    "I think heíll change the product in the way that he feels is good to change the product. I donít think the product will stay the same. I think that he has a different vision than other people do," Nash said on the Busted Open satellite radio show this week. "Iím just saying other people; I mean, Vince (McMahon) isnít the only one that is in the meetings and has a voice. Thereís other people. Kevin Dunn. Thereís a lot of people that have a voice in that company."

    Related to Kevin Dunn and the production team, Nash he thinks "the biggest problem that WWE probably has right now" is a lack of people waiting in the wings to replace the people who have to "to make those incredible last-second calls that makes a near-miss look like the person gets their head taken off."



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