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    Default Ken Shamrock Says He'd Love to Get a Shot at the WWE Title

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    Ken Shamrock spoke with Steve and the Scum about a possible return to World Wrestling Entertainment.

    "I don't think I have any enemies, other than probably Hunter, who I didn't think we didn't get along, but we rubbed shoulders a few times the wrong way... I don't know, I've been asking someone to please let me know what is going on, because I would really love to come back and get that shot at the title."

    Shamrock also revealed that he would be open to a return to TNA Wrestling.

    TNA, in the short time I was there, I didn't have the time I needed to work there. Now I have that time and I am in great shape. I don't need to worry about keeping my size down for fighting because I'm not fighting... so yeah, I'm pretty much open for getting back."



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