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    Default Kelly Kelly's Risqué Calendar Photos Led To WWE Release

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    It was announced last Friday that WWE had come to terms on the release of Barbara Blank formerly known as Kelly Kelly which ended a six year run with the company. Upon deciding to take a hiatus in late May, her departure had been expected.

    Some that were close these goings on felt that her tenure with the company was likely coming to an end since she had requested to take time off and been cold on signing a long term extension on her contract. Officials within the company had granted her time off under the belief that she would make a full time return. People close to her, however, said she wasn’t decided on returning to a full time schedule and was looking to pursue other endeavours outside of the world of professional wrestling.

    Kelly Kelly’s situation is similar to that of other talent who have left the, more specifically the women, within the past two years. She had been forced to reject numerous offers from the media, either due to the fact that WWE did not want her involvement or the product had become too kid-friendly that other companies had refused to associate with the WWE. This matter is connected to women due to those limitations.

    Since she had already earned her downside guarantee for the year with no intention of returning to a full time schedule, there was no money left for Kelly to earn by requesting to be released as well as the fact that she had wanted to pursue other opportunities outside of WWE sooner rather than later.

    Last Thursday, during an advertisement campaign shoot for “Lit It Fly Energy”, an energy drink line, Kelly had received a text message from WWE Executive Vice President Paul “Triple H” Levesque. He had informed her that per the terms of her contract, she was required to have a calendar she had planned to sell via her official website which had been approved by the company. She had sent out tweets of a preview showing some risqué lingerie photos which the company had demanded be taken down. She had no intentions of calling off the project and thus leading company officials to sever ties with her the following day.

    Yet another fact in Kelly’s resistence to remain with WWE for several years more could be health-related since she had been dealing with wrestling-related neck issues. WWE officials had requested she go visit with Dr. Joseph Maroon, head of medical. She, however, opted to be examined by her own doctor. With injuries accumulating, she had wanted to finish wrestling full time at the age of 25 rather then end up physically broken down and too old to pursue other opportunities years later. The belief is that she would have remained with the WWE had they allowed her to make occasional appearances.

    WWE had no perception that Kelly would reach a level which has come to be known as the “Mick Foley Deal”, where a talent under contract, occasionally works and is otherwise free to pursue other endeavours. WWE has no intention of creating a precedent where the talent has control over what they do, which is currently an issue that is affecting their relationship with Chris Jericho.



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