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    Default Kane Talks About Success with Daniel Bryan, The Rock Being Back, WWE Working with 2K

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    - Kane recently did a Q&A with to promote WrestleMania 29. Here are some highlights:

    What do you think it says about the WWE and about wrestling in general, to have Dwayne ďThe RockĒ Johnson come back now two years in a row and compete in the main event?

    Well, itís certainly beneficial for us, because we get so much mainstream exposure. The guy, of course, really came to prominence in the WWE and is now arguablyÖif not the top, certainly one of the top action stars in Hollywood, and certainly one of the top actors. Thatís kind of beyond our community. The fact that he comes back into WWE certainly helps us. Also, from his perspective, I think he really does love WWE and wrestling, so he loves to do it. I think that also, it helps Rock as well, because he becomes part of the big event (WrestleMania). As a participant in and as a part of WWE myself, I think itís great that he comes back because it just helps overall and it creates so much buzz. Itís really awesome.

    What do you think is the key to the success that Team Hell No has had?

    For me as Kane itís the fact thatÖwhat I do with Daniel Bryan is a complete contrast to everything else Iíve done my entire career. The fact that you haveÖthe rest of my career the Kane character has been relatively dark. Every once in a while youíll see something pop out, but for the most part itís been relatively dark and very serious; the destroyer, the monster. With Team Hell No, because of Daniel Bryan, Iím able to show a different side.

    Itís like Abbot and Costello, of course. Iím generally the straight guy, but you want to show a bit of what he does. By being the straight guy, it makes it even that much better. I would say that weíve been able to do what not a whole lot of people have done. We can take completely contrasting things and accentuate the contrast of going to where the whole thing works, as opposed to the whole thing just falling apart.

    What do you think about 2K Sports getting the WWE license for this year?

    First of all, I think itís great that 2K got our video game franchise because theyíre head and shoulders above everybody else. And they have a huge track record. Itís a big deal for us, a big deal for them, too, because itís a proven (successful) franchise. Iíve got to think the more interactivity that you can add to the game. I think thatís whatÖjust in our product on TV, it separates for everything else about the fact that we can make our products so interactive and we have so much interactivity with our fans. I think video games are the same way; the more interactivity and control that the user has, the better it makes the game.



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