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    Default Kaitlyn Talks About WrestleMania 29, Chris Jericho Missing RAW Live Event, CM Punk

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    - CM Punk is off this weekend's WWE live events so he can heal up in time for WrestleMania 29. Chris Jericho will be missing tonight's live event in Charlottesville, Virginia but will work tomorrow's show in Fairfax, VA.

    - WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn recently spoke with GO! Magazine about WrestleMania 29. She talked about looking forward to the big event:

    "When it comes to Wrestlemania, Iím such a fan. Even though Iím part of it, Iím literally surprised and every single week ó even when Iím watching from backstage ó I canít tear my eyes away from the show. Wrestlemania is our Super Bowl. So every show, as it gets closer and closer, something insane happens.

    At these live events, itís such a cool experience for us and for the fans because itís not a TV thing. Weíre not worried about camera angles or commercial breaks; weíre actually just there to interact with the fans. So, itís a really cool experience and tensions are really high. You never really know whatís going to happen."

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