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    Default Kaitlyn Says Big Things Are Coming In 2014

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    Here's another tweet from Kaitlyn after WWE announced her departure this morning:

    "There's big things on the horizon for 2014. I'll keep you all updated…and i'll also be posting an abnormal amount of cat pictures."

    As noted, Kaitlyn is leaving WWE on her own terms. Her fiance, bodybuilder PJ Braun, who apparently has his own supplement company, tweeted the following about her departure:

    "My fiancé @KaitlynWWE has officially stepped down from the WWE to focus on an AWESOME new project. It's going to be HUGE! Very proud of her!"

    "For everyone asking me about @KaitlynWWE new big project: SHE will tell you when the time is right Wink and no she isn't pregnant haha"

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