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    Default Who Came Up with JR's Angle in the RAW Walkout, News on Vince McMahon

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    There has been a lot of backstage talk lately about Vince McMahon showing his age and people wondering about his health. Vince was recently suffering from the flu and wasn't hiding it, when usually if he's sick he'll hide it.

    For the October 3rd WWE RAW Supershow on Monday alone, there were between six and eight different scripts written because Vince kept changing his mind. They ended up going with the walkout angle and after it was approved, it was questioned by some of the producers because it made no sense to have everyone walk out and then do SmackDown the next day and made no sense for them to do live events after walking out.

    Regarding the October 10th RAW, the only thing that aired that was in the original script was Vince's return and John Laurinaitis replacing Triple H. As noted before, the Jim Ross firing segment was not in the script at all. The previous week's walkout angle bit with JR was suggested by producer Arn Anderson the day of the show and Vince loved it. Anderson brought up the fact that Triple H gave Ross his job back, which is why Ross was the last to leave in the walkout.



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