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    Default JR Says Michael Cole Has Many Responsibilities

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    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross revealed in a his weekly blog that lead WWE announcer Michael Cole's job differs greatly from when he assumed the same role several years ago. He explains that social media requires Cole to be highly organized:

    “@MichaelCole has so many more responsibilities as the lead announcer on Raw than I ever did. All the social media info, etc wasn’t around when King and I were in our heyday. Michael stays highly organized with a multitude of information that he is obligated to distribute during any given Monday night broadcast. Michael’s role now on Raw and mine back in the day, even though we were both ‘lead announcers,’ are drastically different. Unless one does prep work with Cole, you just doesn’t know how good a job he does especially with SO much on his plate.”

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    Thanks, I think JR is right it is more difficult right now than it was several years ago. And Michael Cole is doing a great job in whatever he needs to be or do.

    I am the best in the world at what i do.



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