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    Default Joseph Parks Says He Cant Wait to See Abyss

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    Joseph Park commented on the return of Abyss on last week's episode of Impact Wrestling.

    "I can't wait to get to @IMPACTWRESTLING this Thursday and see my brother Abyss. It's been awhile. Still can't believe I missed him last week.

    I miss one week due to @REALBully5150 and @TestifyDevon acts upon me and I miss my brother. I was shocked to see him. TNA has its monster back and just in time to defeat @TheAcesAnd8s. I knew he would come back. I feel better and healed up. I'll be at @IMPACTWRESTLING Thurs."

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    Aren't Joseph Park & Abyss the same person? I remeber I heared sth that they are

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    All he needs to do is look in the mirror, are TNA still trying to sell that he's 2 different people?



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