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    Default John Morrison Comments on RAW, Natalya Talks WWE Superstars & Video Games

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    - WWE Diva Natalya spoke with last week to promote the new WWE '12 video game. Regarding video game popularity among the WWE Superstars, she said:

    "I’ll tell you one thing, with today’s Divas and Superstars, there are a few things that are very prevalent in our locker rooms: protein shakes, iPads, and video games. With WWE ’12, that is no different. You know that Kofi Kingston is going to be obsessed playing this game. You know that Tyson Kidd is going to be literally up until five in the morning playing the game. He’ll probably miss his flight. You know Randy Orton is and The Big Show will be playing. I just know so many of them that are so excited, personally, for the game to come out. I think that this game, WWE ’12, is going to exceed everybody’s wildest expectations and leave them wanting more."

    - John Morrison, who is expected to finish up with WWE at tonight's RAW Supershow, wrote the following on Twitter last night:

    "I'll post more about the future next week. Right now I'm planning on tearing the house down at RAW tomorrow in Columbia SC! #JoMoSapiens"

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    so John Morrison will not left WWE

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    Quote Originally Posted by reedwan View Post
    so John Morrison will not left WWE
    Maybe you never know



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