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    Default John Cena's Post-RAW

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    Wade Barrett tweeted the following regarding his Intercontinental Title win on last night’s RAW:

    “Feels great to be the Intercontinental Champion once again. I’m battered and bloody, but have Gold Against The Soul. #BarrettBarrage”

    -- There were reports of fans honking their horns in the parking lot following RAW last night. The horns being honked were to the tune of Fandango's theme song. Seriously.

    -- If you're interested, you can view TONS & TONS of photos from all the WWE Hall of Fame, AXXESS and WrestleMania events by clicking here. We've also posted backstage photos from RAW and numerous other photos.

    -- Here is a video of John Cena's post-RAW promo at the IZOD center in East Rutherford, NJ. You can clearly hear the fans still humming Fandango’s theme song:



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