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    Default John Cena' Wife Refusing to Get Divorce

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    TMZ is reporting that John Cena's wife Elizabeth is doing all she can to prevent the divorce from her husband John Cena from happening. She has apparently been asking the judge to throw out the divorce papers based on seveal alleged technicalities.

    She claims that John's papers are full of errors and mistakes and are not legal. One of the things she says is that John refers to her by her maiden name and not her currently legal last name of Cena, which is one thing that makes his papers illegal. She also says that Cena did not include the alleged prenup paper he claims to have had for when he initially filed for the divorce, and the prenup must be attached in order for it to be considered valid.

    Also, she says that John has "failed to bring a proper dissolution of marriage" action against his wife.

    It was reported yesterday that a source from WWE expects this divorce to "get ugly, and quickly." It appears as though that very well could turn out to be the case.



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