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    Cool John Cena Talks About Almost Joining The Marines

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    John Cena spoke to Virginia's HamptonRoads this week to promote WWE's upcoming Tribute to the Troops special. Here are some highlights.

    Pro Wrestling & Patriotism Going Together:

    "You know what, I don't know. At the root of the good-vs.-evil story is what America is all about."

    Meeting Members of the Military:

    "It's kind of backwards. Every one of them wants to thank us, but we're there to thank them. It's a mutual respect."

    What It's Like Performing for the Troops:

    "The energy is crazy. They like to get excited. We encourage them to take a night off and come to the event and be exactly the fans that they want to be."

    Almost Joining The Marines Before Getting Into Wrestling:

    "I was literally about to join the Marine Corps (Officer Candidate School) when a buddy asked me if I wanted to be a wrestler. I thought I would literally last two weeks in there and the Marines would always be there."



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