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    Default John Cena Comments on Putting His Personal Relationship on TV

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    The Miami Herald recently spoke with John Cena to promote Sunday's WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Here are some highlights from the interview:

    Returning from an injury:
    "This one has just been about me getting back healthy, because I havenít had a match in eight weeks, I really just want to be as strong and as ready to go as possible. When youíre in the element everyday and you can really be around your competition, thatís when you can come up with breaking it down a little more with your opponent. This will essentially be like the first game of the season for me. It just so happens to be with all the importance of the last game of a season. Iím really excited to be back, and I really think this Sunday is going to be special, and hopefully, I can shake that Miami jinx."

    His opponent Alberto Del Rio:
    "Anyone who can be a champion at our level deserves respect. I tend not to be the guy who runs everybody down because Iíve had my share of wins and my share of loses...You canít ignore the fact heís the World heavyweight champion."

    Putting his personal relationship on TV with Total Divas:
    "That was difficult, but Iím glad I made the decision to do that, and a lot of that had to do with Nicoleís influence, obviously. I really wanted the show to be a success. I truly love Nicole, and I believe in her. It was a conscience decision for me to do it. I think our viewers will enjoy the second half of the first season thatís coming back in mid-November on the E! network. As the show grows, it gets better and more interesting to watch, and I think fans will enjoy it this time around."

    Doing movies:
    "Movies are a different animal. I love the live entertainment business. I love the live sports entertainment television business. I love live television period, just because itís so honest, especially live television with an audience, because if that audience wants to say or do something, you canít hide it from the viewers. Movies are a little bit different. It takes a lot more patience to be in a movie, to make a movie, to be active in a movie scene. I have patience, but I donít know if I have enough."

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    Aren't all celebrities on TV with their couples every once in a while?



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