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    Default John Cena/Brock Lesnar Update - Rumored Match For Lesnar?

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    The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Brock Lesnar was informed by WWE officials several weeks ago that John Cena would go over him in their Extreme Rules Match at the recent WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view event. Lesnar had made it known that he was only about the money and also stated that he was fine with losing to Cena as long as WWE "played fair" with him.
    Officials in the company, according to sources, also made it "very clear" to both Cena and Lesnar that their feud would only be a "one-match program," feeling that Lesnar could leave any time he wanted to and in order to make sure that happened, WWE would need their top Superstar (Cena) to pick up the win.
    It's highly expected that WWE will use Lesnar sparingly, if even at all, over the next few months because they have already used five of Lesnar's limited dates in the first month of his contract.
    Furthermore, WWE officials are rumored to be planning a Lesnar vs. Triple H match for the August SummerSlam pay-per-view event.



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