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    Default Jimmy Hart,Jeff Jarrett & Al Snow Comments on the Passing of Jackie Fargo

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    Sal Corrente posted the following message on Facebook:

    I just got off the phone with Jimmy Hart as many of you know he doesn’t use a computer. He asked that I post this statement for him.

    From the Desk of Jimmy Hart

    Championship belts are won and lost but legends live forever. Jackie Fargo will always be my champion.

    The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart

    - Jeff Jarrett commented on the passing of Jackie Fargo, writing on Twitter, "RIP Jackie Fargo... Huge influence on my career... Often imitated, but never duplicated..."

    - Al Snow also commented on the loss, writing on Twitter, "RIP the true King of Pro Wrestling Jackie Fargo . Jackie was an influence to generations of Pro Wrestlers ."

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