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    Default Jim Ross Says Cody Rhodes' Exit Promo Was His Best Work

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    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on Here are some highlights.

    Daniel Bryan Raw promo: Thought Daniel Bryan's promo directed at Randy Orton and referencing Orton's heart was effective. The 'David vs. Goliath' main event made early and built throughout the night was a solid thread that ran the duration of the three hour broadcast.

    The Prime Time Players improvements: The Prime Time Players have upped their game or so it seems. I'm beginning to take them more seriously. They're playing like every match is in the 4th quarter. If these two keep upping their game they will quickly realize the results.

    AJ Lee future: If she continues down her current path, AJ Lee has the opportunity to be in the same discussion with the all time best Divas in WWE history.

    Cody Rhodes Raw match & promo: Orton vs. Rhodes was a stout match that could have been even longer for my tastes. Liked the back and forth, the battle for momentum, and the near falls. Cody's exit promo was his best verbal work to date in my opinion.

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    That exit promo was for like 1 minute lol.

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    This promo has opened the door to his golden future...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJ the [email protected] View Post
    This promo has opened the door to his golden future...
    Yep, to open 1 door, you have to close another.



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