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    Default Jericho Upset with WWE Over Video Game, Speculation on Jericho & Morrison's Futures

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    - As noted before, several people within WWE indicate that the cryptic videos that have been airing are for Chris Jericho's return in January. At the same time, some believe that the videos are for The Undertaker and speculation is that they're meant for Jericho but if something falls through with his deal, they can be used for Taker's return.

    It has been confirmed that Jericho and WWE had a recent falling out over him not being included in the WWE '12 video game. One WWE source made the point that Jericho may have missed out on five-figure royalties from not being in the video game but he wouldn't let that cause him to miss out on a big WrestleMania payday.

    On a related note, there is also some speculation that John Morrison may return in the next few months if he and WWE work out a deal. Others believe Morrison will take some time off from wrestling. Like Jericho, the argument is there that Morrison wouldn't want to miss out on the big WrestleMania 28 payday.

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