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    Default Jack Swagger Talks About Signing with WWE Back in 2006

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    Jack Swagger recently spoke with The Oklahoman about signing with WWE and the "different path" he took to get to the main roster. Here's what he had to say:

    "I had met Jim Ross and Jerry Brisco before I was even in college and they always told me to get your degree first and then we'll give you a shot if you want to come try your hand with the WWE," Swagger said. "I graduated in May 2006, flew out to Atlanta for a week to tryout, and by July 2006 I was signed and training in Atlanta. I took a little bit different path than most WWE superstars have taken. I'm one of the few superstars who have gone through all three of the developmental camps."

    Swagger also talked about his love for all types of wrestling growing up.

    "Any type of wrestling I could get my hands on I loved, so professional wrestling went well with me. Jim Ross has a great eye for talent and Jerry Brisco as well. It’s pretty impressive the group of talented guys they’ve brought into this over the years from amateur wrestling. Hopefully when I’m done my name is considered up there with the greats they’ve brought into the WWE."

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