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    Default Why Jack Swagger Isnít World Champion Quality

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    Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk. All of these men are technically gifted wrestlers, who have managed to get their personalities across, becoming world renowned as some of the best Superstars in the world.

    So why isnít Jack Swagger in this list?

    Jake Hager has almost everything going for him. He is 6í7″, and has the look that Vince is known to love in his employees. He has a world class manager in the form of Zeb Colter and in less than three weeks, he will be one of the headline performers at Wrestlemania.

    Ever since his debut on ECW in 2008, he has been consistently one of the best in-ring performers, and on top of that, WWE management have had the confidence in him to give him a MITB contract, two world title runs, as well as numerous managers to help him get across as a heel.

    In Zeb Colter, Swagger at the moment has a mouthpiece who arguably overshadows a man who should be in the form in his life, in an attempt to justify WWEís faith in him after his arrest last month. Instead, Swagger continues to be a man who can only shout ĎWE THE PEOPLEí, and even then, with five main shows between now and Wrestlemania, I am finding myself not actually caring about the world title match between him and Del Rio.

    But a stale catchphrase isnít the only reason, in my eyes, that Swagger isnít world champion class.

    Take a look back at the 1990′s and early part of the millennium. Wrestlers such as Dean Malenko and Lance Storm very rarely had a bad match. However, neither man, despite secondary title success in both WCW and WWF/E, managed to make the jump to world title reigns.

    Swagger falls into the same category. He has no personality when he wrestles, and shouting ĎWE THE PEOPLEí isnít good enough for a man who should be at the top of his game. He needs to, instead of splitting audience opinion, give them something to hate, otherwise he will end up where he was last year when he took his sabbatical.

    Iím not saying that it is impossible for Swagger to improve. He is moving into what should be the prime years of his career, and the things he needs are just simple tweaks. However, in a profession where people are competing for just a few top spots, the improvements need to come quick.

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    Yeah, he was a fantastic Amateur, but he isn't a great actor, and horrible on the mic

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    Jack Swagger is a great Wrestler but I don't think he will win the World HeavyWeight Championship because Swagger did get arrested last month and WWE wants the World Title picture to be about Alberto Del Rio.

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    We want punk..........We want punk..........We want punk..........



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