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    Default Interview With Kharma By Timothy Givens

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    Dixie Carter:

    Dixie is a very generous lady and welcomes you with open arms. But I would rather sell oranges on the interstate before I would ever F****** work for Dixie Carter AGAIN. Dixie once the door is closed and the meetings start she's a C***.
    I loved working with the girls, but couldn't stand working for Dixie.

    Hulk Hogan:

    Terry she laughed. Terry is a good man and a great man. He will sit and talk your leg off. He gave a lot of advice as well. He's a veteran of the business so I respect him for that and the advice, But he RAPED TNA with the money they were paying him. That's really the only bad thing I can say.

    Favorite female wrestler to work with:

    Had a lot of really good matches there, but my favorite worker would have to be Roxxi. That girl can work and we had some good matches. I wish I could of had more of them.

    TNA talent:

    There were some really good people there. I still wish I could work with most of them. It's too bad that TNA hasn't got a good head on their shoulders right now.


    That girl giggles again. She really is kinda crazy, but good crazy and fun to be around all the time.


    She wouldn't give me anything on a return except MUM is the word. ( doesnt want it out like it is right now by me )

    AJ LEE:

    I asked her if we will see her in 3-6 months standing next to AJ or beating her ass. MUM is the word.


    I like those girls and would really love to do some more work with them. Maybe down the road I don't know.


    Shes good and getting better. I think that we could really make a good tag team and do some really good stuff together.

    Stephanie McMahon:

    She's all McMahon. Straight to the point and it's all BUSINESS.

    Divas Champion:

    I would LOVE IT. Maybe we will see one day



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