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    Ranjit Chahal sent this one along: It appears Andy Leavine, former WWE Tough Enough winner is interested in joining TNA, as evident by his recent message to Hulk Hogan through Twitter:

    "@HulkHogan whats a Tampa Bay kid gotta do to get TNA to take a look???????"

    -- TNA writer Dave Lagana has responded to Hulk Hogan praising him and the TNA creative team on Twitter. Lagana wrote: "10 year old me still can't believe my life at times."

    As noted earlier today here on the website, Hulk Hogan issued the following via Twitter on Saturday, praising TNA's writing staff:

    Never thought I would have so much respect for 2 BAD ASS writers that really get it! Matt Conway/Dave Lagana,thank u so much,it's an honorHH



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