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    Default HHH and WWE Helping with Barry Windham's Recovery, More on His Recent Health Scare

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    - WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan told Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier that it was actually his wife that found their son Barry Windham at the family's ranch in Florida last month. He said:

    "He just fell. He passed out. He was totally out of it when we found him. He couldnít hear me. I asked him how many fingers I had, and he said he didnít know. He couldnít raise his right hand and couldnít move his right fingers."

    "He obviously fell, but we donít know why. It could have been all day before we found him. By then the organs were failing, and he didnít even recognize us."

    Mulligan also says that Windham's left knee was "the size of a cantaloupe" from the fall and that his right foot had been turned in a 45-degree angle and spun inside his femur. Windham's left knee was dislocated, his right wrist was broken from the fall and he suffered elbow injuries as well as a big knot on the back of his head.

    There was fear that Windham had suffered a chipped or broken neck that was affecting the nerves in his arm and leg but Windham did recover feeling in his fingers and toes. Windham did have a heart attack and the heart procedure went well. Doctors said there was minimal damage and that Windham had a big, strong heart.

    Mulligan says that his son is facing long-term rehab and possibly knee/leg surgery. He said, "Itís going to be a long deal. It was a very close call ... we almost lost him."

    Mulligan revealed that WWE is paying for Windham's rehab treatments as Triple H, Windham's longtime friend, approved all of the funding. Mulligan said, "A big, black Cadillac limo pulled up to the hospital. A chauffeur got out, and two doctors put him (Windham) in the back of an ambulance and whisked him off. Heís at a place where theyíre taking care of all of his problems. Heís being ministered to physically and spiritually."

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