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    Default Heyman Reveals New Details on CM Punk Leaving WWE, Being Unhappy

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    - As noted, Paul Heyman and Edge were recent guests on Chris Jerichoís Talk Is Jericho podcast. Heyman talked about CM Punk being happy and wanting to leave the company long before he did:

    ďHe was unhappy. He had enough. He couldnít take it anymore. A year before he walked these was daily conversations of, ĎI donít think Iím going to be able to take this. Iím not sure how much longer Iím going to be here. I donít know how much longer itís going to be before I just decide to go home.í Iím surprised it lasted that long.Ē

    ďEvery day with him was an exercise in him finding the balance to simply continue on and find the passion he needed that he to do it. And I think what happened was he walked in the day after the Royal Rumble and he couldnít find that passion. He couldnít convince himself or persuade himself, ĎOK, whether Iím happy or not this is about the performance, my legacy. Itís about I take pride in what I do. And whether Iím happy or unhappy when I go out there Iím going to be the best CM Punk I can be.í And I think somewhere during that day he couldnít find that.Ē

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    He has the balls to do things that nobody has the balls to do



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