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    Default What Has Happened with Goldberg’s Negotiations with WWE?, No Interest In Reigns

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    We’ve noted recently how there are money problems surrounding Bill Goldberg’s WWE return deal. The latest word was that Goldberg and WWE were very far apart on money.

    In recent months there was a hangup over creative decisions surrounding his return and the two sides were believed to be “within reason” on money. However, now word is that Goldberg budged on his price and when WWE didn’t agree, he upped the asking price for a return. While things were initially looking good from a monetary prospective, they’re now described as far apart once again.

    To go with this, it’s said Goldberg has little interest in a match against Roman Reigns. Goldberg is believed to have other opportunities on the table and at this point a deal for him to work at WrestleMania XXX does not look like it’s going to happen.

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    Goldberg Reigns would be a great match, far greater than Ryback

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    I don't think Reigns should face a great superstar like Goldberg yet. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Reigns is a bad wrestler because he has a bright future and I personally think he's a great wrestler, but Goldberg vs. Reigns wouldn't draw in views.



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