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    Default Do Fans Heckle Mick Foley Often?

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    WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley spoke with The Bellevue Report about how he rarely gets heckled by fans.

    "I tend not to get hecklers," Foley said. "I tend to get over-exuberant wrestling fans. Fans who don't always understand that they shouldn't shout out the endings to my stories. Because, if they're fans, they already know how the stories end. Those people enjoy it, but it's frustrating they don't let me finish the stories. Fortunately, I'm experienced entertaining on Friday and Saturday nights, when some people are drunker than usual. But if that happens, I just stand back and let the club handle it. I don't fear a heckler. I don't take pride in shredding them apart, but I'm not afraid either. We're supposed to be having laughs... I take honor in the act of entertaining people who laid down their money."



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