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    Default Fandango Receives No Love from Everton Football Club

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    Fandango didn't receive the same love from the Everton Football Club in Liverpool. They got into a scuffle over the team not playing his theme at a game today. Here is a recap of the exchange on Twitter.

    Official [email protected]
    To those WWE wrestling fans who've requested Fandango's theme for tomorrow, we won't be playing it at Goodison. #efcmusic #efc

    [email protected]
    @2nd_time_champ Who's @everton ever beat? Never even heard of em?? Hockey team?

    Official [email protected]
    @WWEFandango Mr Fandango. We've a rich history. We'd be happy to welcome you to Goodison to tell you more & maybe even play your theme song.

    [email protected]
    @Everton Play my music! Then ill think about.

    Official [email protected]
    @WWEFandango We won't be playing it tomorrow, other than in our FanZone. Our offer to educate you about our great history stands though.

    [email protected]
    @Everton Could you play my music for the entire game?

    Official [email protected]
    @WWEFandango We're sure you know the answer to that question. Nice try though.

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    Haha nice conversation

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