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    Default Exclusive: Two WWE Employees Gain More Responsibility Behind The Scenes

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    WZ has learned that BG "Road Dogg" James and his brother Scott Armstrong have both gained more responsbility behind the scenes in WWE.

    BG James, who has been working as an agent/producer, is said to be the head agent for the Saturday Morning Slam program.

    James is helping the talents put together matches for the show which of course are aimed to be more kid friendly.

    Scott Armstrong, who is a regular referee, has now also been added as an agent/producer. Armstrong is now being used to help talents with their characters, promos and putting together matches.

    The Armstrong brothers have been getting high praise from WWE officials and talent for both their performances in any roles given as well as how approachable they are and willing to help younger guys out.

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    Great news, i like those guys

    I am the best in the world at what i do.



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