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    Thumbs up Exclusive on dR: WWE Raw Results (11/12/12)

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    Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. This week Raw comes to us live from Columbus, Ohio and tonight marks the return to the commentary table of one of the true greats in professional wrestling, Memphis’ King of wrestling, WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler
    We see a video tribute to the american troops in honour of Veteran's Day
    We open up with a video package the voice over guy re-capping the events from last week’s Raw and into the arena we go where Randy Orton comes out for the opening match.

    1. Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler

    Orton and Ziggler lock up and Ziggler with the side headlock. Shoulderblock by Ziggler and Orton elevates Ziggler in the air dropping him face first on the mat. Suplex by Orton. Dropkick by Ziggler. Ziggler with the neckbreaker and he transitions into the series of elbowdrops to Orton. Ziggler with the chinlock on Orton and Orton with the back suplex and a series of clotheslines follows it up with the powerslam. Orton drops Ziggler with the draping DDT and the Viper coils up but Del Rio with the interference. Ziggler looking for the Famouser but Orton counters and rolls Ziggler up for the three count.

    The winner of the match: Randy Orton

    Post Match:
    Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler triple team Orton until Kofi Kingston comes out for the save and Teddy Long comes out and restarts the match as a tag team match

    2. Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio

    Kingston all over Ziggler with kicks and the standing dropkick to Ziggler. Del Rio in wearing Kingston down. Tag to Ziggler and backslide and a dropkick by Ziggler. Splash by Ziggler but Kingston sidesteps and both men get the tag as Orton hits a series of clotheslines to Del Rio. Del Rio looking for the double arm DDT but Orton counters with the powerslam. Kingston tags himself in and crossbody on Del Rio. The SOS to Del Rio and Orton takes Ziggler out as Kingston sets up for Trouble In Paradise. The distraction by Rodriguez and Del Rio with the enziguri and the cover for the three count
    The winners of the match: Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio


    Dolph Ziggler says the definition of a scandal is something morally wrong that leads to public outrage and he just wrestled two matches and just came up with that. He
    says he’s not out to hide behind his former manager but to get the truth and they show the footage from last week. Vickie then says last week AJ said if she were in the same ring as her that she would give Vickie “the beating of her life”. Vickie then says she is the Managing Supervisor of Raw and will not be threatened by a lovestruck little girl and she could have suspended AJ but she didn’t and demands AJ come out and explains evidence she can’t hide from. AJ comes out and wants to know why Vickie is doing this and says she has her power and she cost AJ her job. Vickie says she didn’t do anything and wants AJ to admit she had an affair with John Cena. AJ says she is not going to lie because her last name is Guerrero and Vickie says she is more than Vickie Guerrero she is AJ’s boss and nothing will matter after she discloses this new evidence and tells AJ to be careful of what she says and keeps telling AJ to admit it and all this will be taken care of. AJ then admits the truth that John Cena and her are just friends and nothing inappropriate has every happened and wants Vickie to admit what this is really about. It’s not about the truth it’s about Raw 1,000 where AJ was appointed GM instead of her and that AJ embarrassed Vickie physically twice in this ring and if she wanted to she could do it again and Vickie is just throwing her weight around. Vickie then says AJ’s really caused a mess and for anyone who doubts her, she’s been forwarded an unsolicited voicemail and plays the voicemail. AJ says Vickie hacked into Cena’s phone and edited the messages together then Ziggler said it’s over the cat’s out of the bag and AJ can’t hide and Cena comes out and AJ pushes Cena away and slaps Ziggler then Cena drops him with a right hand and sends him to the floor.


    John Cena wants to make sure AJ is ok and doesn’t know why she has to go through this over something that never and would never happen and this is a new low even for Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero

    We see the footage from last week’s Smackdown involving a brawl at a pub between Sheamus and Big Show

    3. Big Show vs William Regal

    Show overpowers Regal and lands body shorts to Regal. Scoop and slam by Show and the elbowdrop misses its mark and Regal on the pffense with punches but Show hits the chokeslam and covers him for the three count
    The winner of the match: Big Show

    Post Match:
    Show getting ready for the KO punch and Sheamus runs out takes Show down stomping on him and unloads with punches on the World Champion


    4. Kaitlyn vs Layla - #1 Contenders Match

    Quick roll up by Kaitlyn and Layla with a roll up. Armdrag by Kaitlyn and Layla with the facebuster. Layla off the ropes and inverted DDT by Kaitlyn and the cover for the three count

    The winner of the match: Kaitlyn

    We take a look back at the incident involving Jerry “The King” Lawler from WWE Raw 9 weeks ago


    Michael Cole and Jim Ross are in the ring and Cole says 9 weeks ago Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack and it’s an absolute miracle we’ve made it to this point and then Ross introduces Lawler and The King comes out to a huge ovation. The WWE Universe launches into a “Jerry” chant and Lawler says he has no idea what he should say right now. This is just overwhelming and he thanks everyone and says there was a time when he thought he’d never step into a WWE ring again but for this moment to happen means so much to him and explains about the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” and for the past weeks he’s lived that movie and didn’t know he had so many friends and fans who sent their thoughts and love his way and thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart and it’s good to be back. Punk and Heyman then interrupt and come out. Punk smiles and says he’s glad Lawler left the ring because if he didn’t he would beat Lawler to death…again and then tells the fans not to boo him because what he says is in bad taste. It’s Lawler who’s disrespectful and what he does is in bad taste. A 62 year old man thinking he can re-live his glory days by putting his trunks on and stepping in the ring with the WWE Champion is in bad taste and tells the fans not to boo him it’s not Punk’s fault it’s Lawler’s. Punk says who cares about how many minutes someone was clinically dead because the only # that matters is 358 days and he has now tied Big Daddy Cool Diesel. But a better number than that is 365 which is how long he will be champion after defeating Ryback and tells Lawler he hopes he has a front row seat to watch him defend his title and hopes he doesn’t croak before Sunday. Lawler then says the only thing on life support will be Punk’s run as champion. Heyman then feigns a heart attack. Mick Foley then comes out and says it doesn’t cease to amaze him that someone who demands respect doesn’t give respect to someone who commands respect like Jerry Lawler. Punk then tells Foley to show Heyman respect and wants to know why he’s here since they’re no longer captains of their respective teams. Punk tells him to worry about the gaping hole on his team and Foley said he’s not picking the missing teammate that’s going to be the WWE Universe’s job and Punk says Foley shouldn’t care what the Universe thinks and Punk says Foley should call his team Team Worthless and Foley tells Punk to shut up and the world doesn’t revolve around Punk. Punk doesn’t give a damn about anything but his championship and Sunday he’s going to be in a position where Cena and Ryback are going to strip him of his belt. Punk says none of this involves him and he doesn’t belong here. Foley then says he has a parting gift. During Punk’s match with Cena, Foley will be the special guest enforcer.


    Punk is upset and wonders if Heyman is trying to screw him too at times and tells Heyman to fix all these obstacles he has in front of him.

    5. Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs Prime Time Players & Primo & Epico

    Front slam by O’Neil. Tag to Young and O’Neil suplexes Young onto Gabriel. Suplex by Primo. Gabriel with the kick to the head and Mysterio in with the headscissor. Mysterio sets up for the 619 and kicks Primo out of the ring and Mysterio with the springboard moonsault


    O’Neil taking control of the match and the military press on Mysterio and a series of backbreakers. Bearhug by O’Neil. Mysterio fighting back but shoulderblock by O’Neil and now Primo in has Mysterio grounded with a front facelock. Sunset flip by Primo and kick to the temple by Mysterio. Young in, seats Mysteiro on the top rope and it’s Mysterio kicking Young away. Kidd with the missile dropkick and a series of kicks to Young. Kidd with the blockbuster off the top rope and Sharpshooter but Primo hits the backstabber on Kidd. Backbreaker by Young on Kidd going for the gutbuster. Tag to Mysterio. 619 by Mysterio, Gabriel tags in and hits the 450 and covers Young for the three count

    The winners of the match: Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

    We see a video of the partnership between WWE & The National Guard

    Heyman walks off with Brad Maddox


    We see the promo for Fandango

    Dolph Ziggler says it’s a matter of time before Miz comes crawling back to Team Ziggler. Miz says he saw Ziggler get slapped by a girl and Ziggler says Miz isn’t Team Ziggler material. Mick Foley then comes in and says tonight Ziggler puts two of his team members against two of Foley’s team members and Ziggler picks Team Rhodes Scholars and Foley picks the winner of the ballot and their partner Kane

    6. Tensai vs R Truth

    Antonio Cesaro comes out and cuts a promo on Truth calling him a man who talks to imaginary little boys because he was once a star but now a joke
    Tensai with a series of shoulderblocks to Truth and Truth fighting back but Tensai keeping Truth grounded. Tensai working over the arm and Truth fighting back. Dropkick by Truth and neck snap to Tensai. Dropkick from the top rope by Truth. Scissors kick to Tensai and back kick. Truth hits the Little Jimmy and covers Tensai for the three count

    The winner of the match: R Truth


    We see a re-cap of the earlier segments involving AJ followed by the return of Lawler and last Mick Foley

    7. Brad Maddox vs Ryback

    Maddox moves to the outside and Maddox in the ring now as Ryback stalks him and Ryback pulls him back in the ring tossing him down. Ryback grabbing both legs slamming him. Ryback picks him up and slams him to the mat bouncing his head off the mat. And Ryback tosses him across the ring and a huge running powerslam. Ryback with the Meat Hook clothesline sending Maddox over the top rope. Ryback tosses him back in. Ryback with the powerbomb. Ryback with another Meat Hook clothesline, picks Maddox up and delivers Shell Shocked covering him for the three count

    The winner of the match: Ryback

    Post Match:
    Ryback with a third Meat Hool clothesline and Ryback hoists him over his shoulder and slams him against the ambulance and Ryback opens the door and tosses Maddox into the ambulance

    8. Sheamus vs David Otunga

    Lock up between Otunga and Sheamus and Otunga beating Sheamus down but Sheamus with the elbow. Hiptoss blocked by Sheamus and Sheamus hits a clothesline. Shoulderblocks in the corner and a series of kneedrops on Otunga. Sheamus going for White Noise and Sheamus hits it. Sheamus setting up for The Brogue Kick and the cover for the three count

    The winner of the match Sheamus

    Post Match:
    Big show attacks Regal and delivers the KO punch


    Reports after the attack on Regal are that he suffered a concussion after the knockout punch by Big Show

    Daniel Bryan is upset with Kane about Mick Foley’s decision and wishes Kane and his NEW teammate luck and said if it were Bryan he would have refused and said they don’t team with anyone but each other.

    9. Kane & Miz vs Team Rhodes Scholars

    Kane floors Sandow and tag to Miz, Miz with the kneelift. Mix hits the clothesline in the corner. Tag to Kane and low dropkick to Sandow. Slam countered by Sandow and the tag to Rhodes and Rhodes brought in the hard way. Double elbow by Miz and Kane and a backdrop to Rhodes. Miz with the double axehandle. The Disaster Kick by Rhodes and Sandow tags in. Side Russian legsweep and the Elbow Of Disdain by Sandow. And now Team Rhodes Scholars double teaming Miz. Chinlock by Sandow. Inverted DDT off the knee into a neckbreaker by Miz. Kane gets the tag and unloads on Rhodes hitting clotheslines in the corner. Side slam by Kane. Kane going to the top and the flying clothesline. Sandow runs into a right and gets clothesliend over the top rope. Chokeslam by Kane and Kane with the cover and the three count

    The winners of the match: Miz & Kane


    10. CM Punk vs John Cena

    Punk and Cena lock up and side headlock and shoulderblock by Punk. Hiptoss by Cena into an armdrag.


    Punk with the axehandle off the top Punk with a neckbreaker countered into a backslide by Punk and a clothesline. Neck lock on Cena. Clothesline ducked by Punk and Punk with the sleeper and Cena rams Punk into the corner and it’s a slugfest in the middle of the ring. Shoulderblocks by Cena and the front slam signaling for the 4 knuckle shuffle. Small package by Punk. Swinging neckbreaker by Punk and Punk hits the running high knee. Punk to the top and the flying elbow misses its mark. 5 knuckle shuffle missed by Cena but Cena with the front slam and this time he connects. Cena for the AA but Punk with elbows to the head for the counter. Punk signals for the GTS, counter, Cena with the AA, counter and Punk with a submission hold but Cena gets his foot on the rope. Springboard move by Punk and a miss, Cena with the STF. Paul Heyman trying to interject himself, Foley takes Heyman out. Punk a kick to Cena and now Punk with the GTS but another counter into the STF and Punk makes it to the ropes. Punk falls out of the ring and limps up the ramp but out comes Ryback. Cena tosses Punk back in. Punk with the GTS, Cena counters and hits the AA covering Punk for the three count.

    The winner of the match: John Cena

    Post Match:
    Ryback staring Cena down and both men pick the title up but Punk climbs up on the apron as they drop the belt and then pick it up again as Punk climbs back up on the apron looking on

    -End Show-



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