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    Default Exclusive: Backstage News On Heath Slater Being Defeated By Legends

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    WZ has learned from sources that Heath Slater himself volunteered to work the angle where WWE legends continue to come back and beat him up while hyping the 1,000th Raw.

    The word going around the locker room is Slater has really earned his keep with the boys, writers and management.

    This angle has allowed Slater, even if for only a few seconds each week, to showcase that he can be entertaining on the microphone. In addition to being able to show more of his "one man rock band" personality, every legend who worked with him has spoken highly of the experience.

    This is said to be a big turning point for Slater who had a couple negative points already in his WWE career. Slater's been suspended once for a wellness policy violation, and was named in an assault allegation from a woman stemming from the WrestleMania 27 hotel in Atlanta.

    While Slater is making friends and impressing his peers, the concern is what he does next. Reportedly when this angle started with the legends, it was assumed a big segment would take place at Raw 1,000, but at the moment no future details for Slater's next program have been figured out.

    Sources say WWE is trying to find a way to continue using Slater's talents while giving him credibility since he just lost for a month to guys twice his age who made one night appearances



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