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    Default Ex-WWE Producer Has Big Plans for TNA Knockouts New Role for Christy Hemme

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    Former WWE producer John “Big” Gaburick reportedly has big plans for TNA’s Knockouts division.

    Gaburick reportedly sees the division as something that used to set TNA apart from WWE and that it has dwindled down to pretty much nothing over the past few years.

    Because Gaburick is loaded down with responsibilities, he has given Christy Hemme a lot of authority in terms of handling talent relations for the Knockouts. Hemme has been scouting new talent, is heavily involved in the screening process and reports straight to Gaburick. Hemme has received high marks for how she has handled the new role and with all the cost cutting going on in TNA, we can expect more people to end up with multiple responsibilities in different areas that would normally be covered by more than one person.



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