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    Default Eve Torres Discusses Working on NBC's Stars Earn Stripes Show and Supporting Our Troops

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    - NBC will premiere their new reality TV show Stars Earn Stripes this coming Monday night at 8pm EST. The show was filmed a few months back and features WWE Diva Eve Torres, among other celebrities. Eve recently spoke with the USO website about the experience. Here are some highlights:

    Getting ready for the show:
    "I can honestly say I didnít have any idea what I was getting myself into. I thought it sounded great, the premise of the show, but I had no idea the wringer that they were going to put us through. Ö There were some moments that everyone had when they wondered if they could really do this."

    "I did a lot of conditioning and training before the show, but what I wasnít prepared for was the emotional aspect of the show. Every time weíre in real BDUs (Battle Dress Uniforms) and in KIT (Knowledge Information Technology), it was amazing. The realities of what the military has to go through really sunk in. Clearly we donít have an opposing force, but it really felt real and made me feel so much respect for them, more than I even had before."

    Working with WWE for the Troops:
    "With the WWE, we go overseas pretty much every year -- at least for the past eight or nine years -- to bring a part of America over to [the troops]. And so the idea of the USO and being able to send entertainers to support our troops, I love the idea of it because Iíve been a part of it. [The USO is] an amazing organization and one that Iím proud to represent. It makes a good feeling that when you get through your mission, you know youíve earned money for not just the military men and women but for their families."



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