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    Default “Enormous” Backstage Heat on Randy Orton Over Roman Reigns?

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    There is “enormous” backstage heat on Randy Orton due to his “crowd killing” style against Roman Reigns at WWE live events over the weekend.

    According to Wrestlezone, Orton’s wrestling peers feel as if the veteran star didn’t do Reigns any favors in their contests. The live crowd had an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the contests, which is a bad sign for what is meant to be one of SummerSlam’s key main events.

    Some WWE Superstars are said to be concerned that Orton will slow down WWE’s planned push to make Reigns their new biggest babyface. WWE’s current plan for Reigns is to be the company’s next great star by WrestleMania. The importance of his elevation is compounded by the fact that Daniel Bryan is out with a long term injury. John Cena is doing fine on top, but he isn’t able to carry the company on his own, there’s always been a hot number two babyface in the last few years. WWE need Reigns firing on all cylinders and taking up that role. If Orton is accidentally or even deliberately holding Reigns back then it’s going to be detrimental to the company (and the wrestlers’ pocketbooks).

    “If Roman’s the guy, then Roman’s the guy,” one WWE Superstar said. “Whoever is the guy, we need to get this guy over bigger than ever, not hold him down in rest holds and hope no one gets hurt. We’re in the wrestling business, Bumps and bruises happen.”

    With all that being said, it takes two to tango and Orton shouldn’t be entirely blamed. Reigns only recently began competing on his own and is still quite limited in terms of what is expected of a top flight WWE Superstar’s in-ring performance.

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    Who's bright idea was to let Orton "try" to evolve another guy



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