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    Cool Edge After SmackDown, Kaitlyn, SmackDown's "Band"

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    - caught up with Kaitlyn at last night's SmackDown. She talked about her storyline injury and said she tore a few tendons so will be out of action for a few weeks. She said she will be back better than ever in a few weeks and is looking forward to getting the Divas Title match she didn't get at Night of Champions.

    - As seen on last night's SmackDown, Brodus Clay defeated Heath Slater but was then attacked by Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. The trio spoke to Matt Striker backstage at SmackDown and bragged about the beatdown. It appears the three WWE Superstars have formed a "band."

    - WWE also caught up with Hall of Famer Edge after making his return on last night's SmackDown. Edge talked about how it's always good to be back in front of a WWE crowd. Edge also talked about Kane hugging him on SmackDown and said it felt good. Edge also plugged his role on SyFy's Haven. He said acting has given him something to sink his teeth into since he can't wrestle anymore. Edge added that he wouldn't call himself an actor.

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    ''Sink his teeth into?'' He reminds me of Twilight (Edward Cullen?)

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    Like a said weeks ago, the not used talents should unite and attack. Oh I'm a Genuis

    thanks for sharing
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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