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    Default Another ECW star talks retirement, Box office on movies with wrestlers, Arlovski hurt, Lots of Rock

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    We're also looking for reports from today's Raw from Salisbury, MD and Smackdown from Baltimore. We're also looking for reports on Friday night's Raw show in Charlottesville, VA and last night's TNA show in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

    Monday is Raw from Philadelphia. Two weeks before Mania and the return of The Rock.

    Smackdown/Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam will be taped on Tuesday in Hershey, PA.

    We've got a WrestleMania update, full coverage of UFC 158, a look at the life and career of Booker T, as well as coverage of the major international shows all in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter on the site today.

    In addition, the new back issue is a major one, as it's the 1995 Awards issue, covering the best and worst in pro wrestling from the yea where U.S. interest bottomed out right before the start of a resurgence. It's the biggest issue of the year, covering the year in review and how things were at the time.

    Our new issue has a feature on WrestleMania, including the change in price, the reason for the price change, how much extra WWE figures to make if the price change doesn't hurt buys. We also look at how important WrestleMania revenue is to the company's year and long-term goals for the show.

    We also have a list of the current lineup, as well as a number of matches on the books to be added for the complete event.

    We also have a look at Nick Diaz, and how he moved business numbers. We look at his hotel confrontation with GSP, his match with GSP, reaction to GSP, records he's set, criticism of him, and where the welterweight division goes from here. We also have all the business notes on the show, from TV numbers to early buy rate figures, reaction to judging and match-by-match coverage with star ratings.

    We also have a look at plans for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter with Ronda Rousey as coach. We look at the different new dynamics for the show, as well as who exactly is Cat Zingano, who may end up being one of the coaches. We also look at how readers of this web site have reacted to plans for the show.

    We also have a look back at the details behind negotiations for a Vince McMahon vs. Dana White match at WrestleMania. We look at how the talks started, if they were ever serious, when they took place and what happened when they took place.

    We also have a feature on Booker T, running through his life and pro wrestling career upon the announcement of him going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    We look at how he got started in pro wrestling, and life before wrestling. He look at his arrest for armed robbery, his early years in wrestling and what people helped get him from wrestling school to stardom in WCW. We look at the era of Harlem Heat as WCW tag team champions and their various storylines.

    We also look at why Booker T ended up as a singles star, and what program put him over the top as far as being respected as a top level wrestler. We look at some of the bad angles in WCW, his rise to world champion, why his pay was so high, as well as the death of WCW.

    We also look at his early WWE run, his major WWE angles, his rise to the world title, his King Booker days, his leaving for TNA and his return, as well as his trademark spots.

    We also have more on injuries to Rey Mysterio and C.M. Punk, WWE house show business, WWE's Latin and merchandise business, WWE movie business updates, more on Eric Pankowski being let go from the creative team and what it means, new WWE hirings planned, more on women being approached to come to WWE, a WWE injury that hasn't been reported, Sports Illustrated looks at WWE department head as one of the best in the country, more on developmental, why Beth Phoenix left, another turn being contemplated, new wrestlers being recruited including the son of a celebrity in his country, as well as all the house show highlights from the past week.

    We also have full coverage of All Japan's show at Sumo Hall in Tokyo featuring a plethora of 90s stars, including the new figurehead commissioner, business notes on the show, the strange actions behind the scenes of the new owner, and match-by-match coverage of the show.

    We also look at CMLL and AAA's first major shows of the year, as well as the planned TripleMania main event, more on AAA coming to the U.S. and its TV partner, a look back at AAA drawing big in the U.S. and why it'll be difficult to repeat that success.

    We also have match-by-match coverage of both shows

    We also have a feature on the retirement of Villano V, Rey Mendoza Jr. We look at all the old-timers who worked the show, and career highlights.

    The Wrestling Observer ranges weekly from 35,000 to 50,000 words covering pro wrestling and MMA internationally. Each issue has coverage and analysis of all the major news, plus every issue breaks major news stories before the Internet sties and has the most complete look at the pro wrestling and MMA business anywhere, plus history pieces available nowhere else.

    The Observer is now in its 29th year of being the leading insider pro wrestling publication in the world. The biggest and most influential names in the pro wrestling and MMA industry, from bookers to promoters to Hall of Fame wrestlers and fighters to the biggest names on camera and behind the scenes, along with thousands of readers in all 50 states and more than 30 countries subscribe. Many have subscribed for 20 years or longer consecutively. They get the most detailed and inside coverage of what is going on all over the world. Everywhere from Wall Street to the major offices to television networks in the U.S. and Japan turn to the Observer for what is going on in the business.

    If you are a new subscriber ordering 24 or more issues, you can get one free classic issue of your choice sent to you today. With a 40 issue

    We also have results from all the major league arena events over the past week as well as a look at all the major television shows.

    Also in this week's issue:

    --What may be the biggest match in years in Mexico

    --Debut of planned new idol

    --American wrestlers coming to major Mexico show

    --Notes on the next Dragon Gate iPPV show

    --Notes on NOAH's upcoming tag team tournament

    --Notes on All Japan's jr. heavyweight tag team tournament

    --Update on the New Japan Cup and charting out the rest of the way

    --More matches for the next two New Japan PPV shows

    --Notes on the death of Don Carson

    --Notes on WrestleCon, who is coming and what happened with Ric Flair

    --Why the issue wasn't resolved

    --Update on Batista

    --More on ECW documentary

    --What to look for in the upcoming NCAA tournament

    --Who look to be the stars of the tournament

    --He is looking to make history

    --What are the prospective killer matches

    --Notes on upcoming major shows in Puerto Rico

    --What WWE star is headed to Puerto Rico to work for the local promotion and why

    --Lots of TNA stars and major indie stars to a rival group in Puerto Rico

    --Japanese wrestling legend headed in for Mania weekend

    --Promotion touring a number of major U.S. markets

    --Notes on Karl Anderson coming to ROH

    --When he was there before

    --Notes from ROH TV

    --A look at upcoming ROH matches

    --Notes on booking of Hogan

    --Hogan's latest revised version of history

    --The controversy surrounding Bully Ray

    --Thoughts on current TNA booking

    --Notes from the Chicago TV tapings

    --Why a woman star hasn't bee around of late

    --A look at all the upcoming PPVs taped this past week by TNA

    --A look at TNA's house shows

    --More UFC PPV news

    --Ronda Rousey talks PEDs

    --Why GSP vs. Diaz didn't have even more hype

    --Background of making Dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt

    --Herschel Walker situation

    --Groups protesting against UFC

    --Lots of UFC injury updates

    --New UFC matchups

    --New division directions

    --Chael Sonnen promo notes

    --Biggest all women's MMA show in history upcoming

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