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    Default DX Advertised for SmackDown, The Miz on CW, More

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    - WWE Superstar The Miz will be appearing on The CW Network's "H8R" show next Wednesday night at 8pm EST.

    - The following is advertised for WWE's October 11th SmackDown tapings in San Antonio, Texas:

    * John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title

    * Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Title

    *The Largest Battle Royale in WWE history - A 41 Man Battle Royal featuring stars from RAW and Smackdown

    * A Special Appearance by DX

    Sorry About Your Damn LUCK!

    Watch your money!
    And your alcohol!
    Cause when the tide rolls out and the ships go down,
    You know you're gonna take a fall.

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    Um... what?

    Does this mean CM Punk loses at HIAC?



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