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    Default Dolph Ziggler Not Medically Cleared to Wrestle

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    The advertisements that are listing Dolph Ziggler's WWE return next week are actually outdated. As of today, Ziggler is still not medically cleared to return from his concussion he suffered a few weeks back.

    There is the possibility that Ziggler may return to cut a promo, but as far as in-ring competition is concerned, it's likely it won't happen.

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    No Punk And Now No Ziggler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moaz333 View Post

    No Punk And Now No Ziggler
    We might see CM Punk come back on RAW to do a promo on Chris Jericho or he could just come back at WWE Payback, beat Y2J and tell the fans that he is the best in the world.

    Also, like the news said, there is a possibility that Dolph Ziggler could come back for a promo so you might see them. Sad news is, they won't wrestle until WWE Payback.



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