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    Default Will Dolph Ziggler Be Forced to Change His In-ring Style?

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    As noted, Dolph Ziggler is currently out of action with a concussion after taking a stiff clothesline from Ryback after last Monday’s Superstars taping. The fact that WWE sent Ziggler to a neuropsychologist in Pittsburgh shows that there was some major concern over his health. However, Ziggler received good results since then but there’s still a lot of chatter within WWE regarding his future moving forward.

    One source noted that eve though neither of Ziggler’s last two concussions have been his fault, he’s probably going to have to, or at least be advised to, alter his in-ring style. Ziggler is known for taking big bumps and going all out for matches but he may have to tone it down going forward.

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    He better should. He sold the moves for wrestlers so well and what did he get in exchange for that from the WWE a jobbing mid card spot.
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    But.... but..... He's so good at selling......



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